Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Relay to Relay Radio: Wave 10

In this week's episode we discuss the Earth Pack, the Vorcha murder ball and the mysterious Leviathan DLC. We also answer some great listener questions including single-player DLC we'd like to see as well as have a serious conversation about what Reapers do in their free time.

Javik was not available this week for another Storytime Pod but from the desks of Team Banana Punch High Command, we've got a surprise regarding our future--and no, it has nothing to do with anyone choosing red, green or blue.

Relay to Relay Radio: Wave 10

We also got a little carried away w/ the Meme Generator app for the iPhone and created some memes related to our podcast.

Of course, Advice Bananas

Also, this made our day.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Relay to Relay Radio: Wave 9

In this week's episode, we finally tackle the Extended Cut DLC! It's been a long time coming, but we sat down and verbalized our feels for you. We even go as far as to discuss what BioWare may come up with NEXT, if there is another Mass Effect game!

No Galactic Action News 6 or Javik this time, but stay tuned next wave as we talk about the Earth DLC and answer our pile of your lovely questions!

Shout out to @RobTheSentinel, who said hello to Stephanie at SDCC! You're awesome.

Enough with the chit chat! Onto the Mass Effect!
Relay to Relay Radio: Wave 9

Monday, June 18, 2012

Relay to Relay Radio: Wave 8

In this week's episode, we touch briefly on the Rebellion Pack, discuss bizarre Mass Effect fan creations from deviantArt and share our favorite Mass Effect musical themes.

We were also fortunate to have the last Prothean, Javik, return and join us for another reading and Q&A session!

We take a slight detour from the universe of Mass Effect and talk Diablo 3 as well as our individual gaming origins.

Thank you to all the listeners who tweet at us, email us, leave us comments and rate us on iTunes! We love all of you and apologize for the recent delay in responding to messages.
Relay to Relay Radio: Wave 8

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Relay to Relay Radio: Wave 7

In this week's episode, we discuss the failure of Operation Silencer (only Nate participated) and the new Rebellion Pack that we will all be downloading on May 29. We also change things up a little in Theory O'Clock by talking about the potential Mass Effect movie - the screenplay, the actors, the director, producer and composer we'd like to see handling the film.

Thanks to all the listeners who patiently waited for this wave! We appreciate all of your iTunes comments, blog comments, tweets and emails. We have a special shoutout to John Sylvester, who marathoned all 6 waves recently. THANK YOU!

Galactic Action News 6 is on hiatus this week but we have a very special guest on our new segment, "Javik's Storytime Pod". Team Banana Punch also asks the last living Prothean some serious questions that need to be answered.

WARNING: Lots of laughs in Javik's Storytime Pod.

And also, Angelo got married and there were Mass Effect guns at his wedding. See below.

Relay to Relay Radio: Wave 7

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Relay to Relay Radio: Wave 6

In this week's episode, we put ourselves into glass cases of emotion, sharing our most emotional moments in the Mass Effect trilogy. We also talk about a side mission in Mass Effect one that may have foreshadowed the final moments in Mass Effect 3. And on a completely different tangent, Steph presents us with a thought-provoking question about sanitation aboard Sovereign.

Galactic Action News 6 is on hiatus this week and will resume in Wave 7.

Finally, we tally up who the most popular squad mates were (thank you, listeners!) during the final assault in Mass Effect 3.

For those of you interested in partaking in the challenge we offered at the end of this wave, here is your link

WARNING: We continue to spoil the trilogy for you.

Relay 2 Relay Radio: Wave 6

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Relay to Relay Radio: Wave 5

In this week's episode, we talk about how Samara might have altered the course of Earth's history, and then we accidentally engage in a Jessica Chobot/Diana Allers hate session. We share our first successful Gold run vs. Cerberus, Steph gives us an update about her sentry interface visor and Denise makes a pocket-sized Mordin.

On Galactic Action News 6, we have an update on the "Grunt of the Tank" figure, scale itch plagues the Citadel, and we reveal a very special clip from Francis Kitt's newest all-elcor performance.

Thank you again to everyone who commented on this blog, talked to us on twitter or sent us emails. You are awesome.

This time, we have a question for YOU--who did you pick for your squad on your final mission in Mass Effect 3, and why? Leave us a comment here, email us at or tweet at us @Relay2Relay!

WARNING: As per usual, we spoil everything.

Relay 2 Relay Radio: Wave 5

Work-in-progress of Steph's sentry interface visor

Work-in-progress of Denise's Mordin mini-Munny

Friday, April 27, 2012

Relay to Relay Radio: Wave 4

In this week's episode, we discuss decisions that maybe should have had more of an impact in Mass Effect 3 and tidbits about the universe that never made it into the final version of the games. With the release of the Resurgence Pack for multiplayer, we obviously had to spend all our credits on acquiring these new characters and playing the crap out of them. We talk about Krogan murder trains and the ridiculous Geth Infiltrator heavy melee. We also touch on the Kinect integration with Mass Effect 3 - we have ideas as to how BioWare can add DLC to encourage players to use the Kinect with their game.

We also take the time to honor some of our loyal listeners with a few shout outs and awkward compliments.

Finally, Galactic Action News 6 is back with exclusive coverage of Captain Cosmic's latest action figure, Grunt of the Tank, Flux's closure and a hanar painter's compassion.

We also share some of our listeners' most creative Mass Effect 3 multiplayer character names! Photos below.

Thank you so much to those of you who rated us on iTunes, and those of you that comment on this blog, and those of you that tweet your questions to us! Keep them coming!

WARNING: We still spoil all the Mass Effect games for you in this episode.

Relay 2 Relay Radio: Wave 4
Image sent from Mac Elmore

Steph's Krogan Guardian Angel