Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Relay to Relay Radio: Wave 10

In this week's episode we discuss the Earth Pack, the Vorcha murder ball and the mysterious Leviathan DLC. We also answer some great listener questions including single-player DLC we'd like to see as well as have a serious conversation about what Reapers do in their free time.

Javik was not available this week for another Storytime Pod but from the desks of Team Banana Punch High Command, we've got a surprise regarding our future--and no, it has nothing to do with anyone choosing red, green or blue.

Relay to Relay Radio: Wave 10

We also got a little carried away w/ the Meme Generator app for the iPhone and created some memes related to our podcast.

Of course, Advice Bananas

Also, this made our day.


  1. The heavy weapon I always used in ME2 was the Collector Particle Beam because it was good all around (barriers, armor, shield, health) and like Angelo said, it was easy to use

    oh Rio that map is SO long... once we had to do a delivery objective from one end to the other end TWICE in the same objective. That was a pain

    I love all the N7! I have yet to unlock the Shadow and the Destroyer, but the rest are awesome! Even the Slayer, which is a Vanguard and I suck using them. But thanks to him, now I don't die every 2 minutes :D

    Dagger is the best. Sniper Heaven. That's all I have to say.

    After San Diego I went to San Francisco and I found this in the street Picture 1 and Picture 2

    My computer desktop at work is a series of Mass Effect wallpapers in rotation ^_^

    It's good to know that I'm not the only one saying my N7 hoodie is part of a Special Forces uniform that I really can't talk about it because is secret XD

    wow, people playing the MP and not the SP? I mean, if I played first a MP game, I'd go and play to SP to know what it is about... But maybe that's just me and my interest on knowing the back story of things

    What about my question? :(

    I'm a little sad to hear Mass Effect Relay 2 Relay is going away, but at least you guys are not ending it :).

    1. How is it that I work in SF 5 days a week and I haven't seen that bus? Awesome though!

      Dude, you and I know it's all about that N7 Fury. Automatically gets 50% of all kills.

    2. N7 Fury ftw! :D. But as I told you, I can only play her when I host ^_^'

    3. Alex, I have no idea how we missed your question but it's probably my fault since I'm the one who checks the email for our account! :( I'll give you my take on it-- I have absolutely no idea. IF we were to go by the "indoctrination theory" I could tell you that I *think* that the catalyst kid was projected from Shepard's conscience. But since the indoctrination theory has been dismissed, I really have no idea.

      Thank you for being such a loyal listener! We love the interaction we have with you guys and I'm so glad it brought us all together, our love for this game. And that's what we hoped to do w/ our new podcast, to share our love for these games.


  2. Not gonna lie, I’m suuuuuuuper flattered that I’m all over this episode. Someone listens!

    Heavy weapon of choice? Arc Projector. On insanity, EVERY SINGLE ENEMY has shields and I need something to take them out! Though I did really enjoy the Particle Beam as well. And the Cain but that’s like saying “I enjoy chocolate”.

    You know, I’m surprised you guys don’t like the new objectives! I’m always all about making games more unpredictable and challenge and, so far, the objective additions have been alright in my opinion. I’m just thankful there isn’t a “keep something else alive” objective; I can barely keep myself alive on Gold as it is! Actually, instead of the simultaneous button press objective, why not occupy two separate points simultaneously for a brief amount of time? Like hacking but much shorter and in different areas at the same time. Another thought is a map/objective combo, like the Invasion multiplayer on Reach. Each time you complete and objective, a new part of the map is unlocked, building up to a final objective! That’d work really well in this game, methinks.

    Vorcha are amazing. They’re goddamn psychopaths and I love them for it. I love their health recharge, specialization in good weapons, melee abilities (particularly grab), and everything. In fact, when I play as them, my one and only weakness is over-confidence (Synbios can back me up here). I tend to go diving head first into enemies and die as soon as I realize that my health isn’t coming back as fast as it should. As soon as you guys said “vorcha in a three-piece suit”, my mind immediately thought “Double O Vorcha”, which I found much funnier back when I thought of it than now.

    I like Rio! You hang in the middle and everything is eons away from you. You can safely pick them off as they make their way toward you! London I haven’t figured out yet, though. I tend to just die a lot there. Guess I’ll be figuring it out this weekend, though!

    I haven’t run into a whole lot of Mass Effect outside of my house apart from occasional sweaters. All I have clothing-wise is a sweater a friend of mine sewed that N7 patch that came with the limited edition onto. I wear it all the time and I love it’s subtly! The entire clothing line is nicely unobtrusive: nobody who doesn’t recognize it thinks you’re weird and everyone who does think it’s awesome!

    1. I’m not terribly keen on the Leviathan DLC either. To me, it feels a little too much like the Overlord DLC, something I didn’t even buy because it didn’t feel connected to the story in any way. You didn’t gain any party members, it wasn’t about old characters, it was just its own thing that didn’t appeal to me. Any proper DLC needs to ADD to the game, like From Ashes. Javik added another character to the party, one who brought in an entirely different perspective and interacted extensively with the other characters. That was brilliant. As for Firefight, I’ll treat it the same way I treated similar DLC for ME2: I’m gonna ignore it to death.

      I understand why you guys don’t feel compelled by single player DLC. For you, the game is over and the story is complete. That’s great. My problem, which I can’t seem to stop whining about, is lack of JACK! That’s all I want! Imagine if Garrus/Liara didn’t come back on the Normandy and you guys had to do the long distance thing! The game would be over, yes, but that hole in the story would just eat away at you! Sure, you could romance other characters with other playthroughs but would any of those feel legit or satisfying to you? Hell, I’ll buy ANY DLC that brings her on the ship!

      Lol both my sister and I had cheekbone issues with our characters! What I eventually learned to do, because I’m terrible at face design, was to select one of the selection of presets, change the hair, eyes, and nose, and go with that. Worked pretty well.

      Oh good, you guys are continuing! In need something to listen to at work and this podcast has proven to be my favorite. Sooooo, what games are we gonna be going over? I may need to get some of them. *sigh* You guys are gonna make me get Borderlands 2, aren’t you?

      Also, Nate, that’s you: Well, femshep you.

      I sent you guys another question via twitter but it’s cool if you guys want to move beyond Mass Effect right away. What homework should we be doing here?

    2. yeah... I can vouch for that. We were playing, he was using a vorcha and died. I was like, man, how do you die with a vorcha? ;D

    3. Hi Keilhal,

      I got your question! I'll answer it here: We did mention this in the wave that we wanted to see an actual Reaper surprise us in one of the waves. I think at that wave-if this were a new objective- that there would be ONE heavy weapon like the Cain, somewhere on the map that we have to find within a time limit or the Reaper destroys us. So, I guess I want a Reaper surprise. Haha.

      I'm glad you see eye-to-eye w/ us on the single player DLC. The game is over to me, and I really don't care to know more. I WANTED to know know more about the Reapers but at this point I'm over it. Javik was one of the most memorable characters in the entire Mass Effect trilogy.

      Someone needs to make a fan art of a Vorcha in a 3pc suit. 007 Flamer.


  3. Hi guys, I'm commenting a little late so hopefully you'll check this post again at some point! I listened to the podcast as soon as it came out but...I suffer from the lazy :[

    First off I'm REALLY glad to hear that you're going to open up the podcast to gaming in general. As much as I love love love the ME universe, there IS only so much you can talk about, and with the conclusion of the trilogy there's really not too much to talk about at this point. I love hearing you guys talk about games in general though, and you can always bring up ME stuff as it comes out (perhaps the anime once it releases?).

    I actually kind of enjoy the drone escort missions. The way I understood it, the drone just needs you to escort it because it's drawing power from your omni-tools. Makes sense mechanically, but I do agree that an ENTIRELY different/new mission type would be welcome. Oh wells, hopefully sometime in the future.

    Oh speaking of which I still want to know what you guys think about omni-tools! I posed that question a while ago though, I should have e-mailed it just before the 10th wave.

    I must say, I really love the N7 Fury, even though she's kind of a kill stealer. I still enjoy her play style and her thematic feel, she's essentially a witch! Curses galore.

    Anyway, very excited for the next era of the podcast! Keep it up guys =)